GR8 Aging Peptide Cream 1.7oz

GR8 Aging Peptide Cream 1.7oz

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Total ingredients: Rosehip seed oil, sorbitol, sorbitan olivate, centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid serum, argireline, matrixyl 3000, snap-8, vitamin C ester, Vitamin E, leucidal.

Instructions: Apply small amount of peptide cream before going to bed. For best results, apply after GR8 Aging Peptide Serum

 Become Younger While you Sleep

Our GR8 Aging  peptide cream is packed with 25% Argireline, 15% Matrixyl 3000 peptides and it is enhanced with rich antioxidants like rosehip seed oil and centella asiatica extract. It also contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum to insure the peptides reach deep into your skin and give you anti aging results. This formula also contains Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin E. One big additional benefit this product provides for your skin is that it has been organically preserved with Leucidal which has been Ecocert certified to be used in organic skin care formulas. Leucidal is derived from radishes.

Protecting Our Face’s Most Valuable Possessions

Of all the features on the face, the eyes are definitely the most delicate.  That’s what makes the area around them such a wonderful haven for fine lines and wrinkles.  As we age, our skin loses much of its elasticity and becomes thinner.  This is especially true for the skin around the eyes as it’s so slender to begin with and any loss of moisture at all shows to a much greater extent.

Because peptide cream is made to work with the body’s own natural processes, it is much more tolerable and definitely healthier than the once overly-popular Retinol A which has now proven to be harsher to the skin than originally thought.  Retinol is also noted for creating a heightened sensitivity to the sun and its already damaging rays and causing over-dryness if more than a small dab is used.  Neither of these things is an issue with peptide cream as peptides are already a part of our natural skin cell layers and the simple adding of more when they become depleted due to age is seen in the scientific and medical communities as a direct help with skin metabolism.  Even the thin, ultra-sensitive areas around the eyes are far safer and much more able to tolerate help from peptide cream than all other known sources.